Magical Apothecary WIP #1

Work In Progress / 14 May 2020

This is a personal project I started a few weeks ago and have decided to start properly documenting. 

I originally started this project because I wanted to create some sort of magical apothecary environment that would allow me to play with details, shapes, and lighting. I also really just wanted to model an environment again haha. 

So far, I'm learning a ton, using resources like 3D Artist magazine, Google, and Youtube. I'm also getting lots of inspiration from Pinterest, so I've been adding references to my mood board as I come across them. 

Since I'm a few weeks into this project, I've got quite a bit to share.

This image features the most recent version of the model. I still have plenty to do when it comes to modeling, but when I'm working on personal projects, it's really hard for me to NOT play with textures. So I'm jumping back and forth as I get inspired by different things. I do have a good chunk of bottles I drew up some concepts for. My plan is to model those, perhaps make variations, and add them to the environment. I'd also like to add more books, vials, and other containers to make the space feel more lived/worked in.

This series of images shows my progress from the first day I started working on my apothecary. I had a vague idea of what I wanted my shop to look like so I was able to hit the ground running.

I originally started everything in Maya but used zBrush to created props with more organic shapes (i.e. the plant, the doorknob, bottles, and other containers). I think doing this will almost help follow the straight vs. curve technique we see in character design and animation. 

My plan for this week is to continue modeling more props and make adjustments to existing ones (the plant). 

Lastly, while I'm in love with the light fixture I put together, I'm worried it's too much for the space. I'm hoping that as I continue working on this environment, it will either fit better or I'll come up with a better solution. 

Feedback is welcome!

Thanks for reading!



November Scene Beginnings

Work In Progress / 06 November 2019

Scene render (using Renderman)

SO, as you may have seen with my previous project (see it here), I'm making an effort to produce complete scenes on a monthly basis. I'm starting this month off with some place settings and will be working my way up to the final scene. 

My goal, at the moment, is to create at least 30 assets/props/ to fill the scene. This, of course, requires a significant amount of planning, but I've already made my list! 

Is that something you'd like to see? I planned on keeping the list for myself, but I wouldn't mind showing everything I plan to do or just adding to the list as I make my uploads.

Here's a teeny tiny bit of what I'm cooking up to whet your appetite :D

I'll be using Maya and zBrush for this project, but may bring it into Unreal if I have enough time.


Scene wireframe

Assets (x10):

Dining Table
Dinner Fork
Salad Fork
Charger Plate
Dinner Plate
Water Glass
Champagne Glass
Red Wine glass
White Wine Glass
Table Runner
There's a little peek! What do you think it is?

I look forward to sharing more with you! Now that I'm done with my studies, I'm hoping blog posts will hold me more accountable!

See you soon!

- Salena Mahina

THE FOUNDRY Environment Model - 7/28/19 Update

Work In Progress / 29 July 2019

Hi All!

So this post features updates on the lights, some textures, and a few assets. I'm working on more of the textures this week and will be trying out vertex painting for the first time. 

In addition to this, I'm also trying to figure out how to create small candle flame particles. So hopefully I have updated candles by the next time I upload! 





THE FOUNDRY Environment Model

Work In Progress / 22 July 2019

Happy Monday!!

I've been working on an environment model where I am recreating Long Island City's (New York) Foundry. 

This is my first real environment model using modular kits and Unreal so I wanted to document this and show what I've been learning.

I'll make a much longer post with more content, but for now, here is one of the props I've been working on (wedding cake) along with a view of the building's blocking.


Environment Model Project

Work In Progress / 25 May 2019

As I grow as a 3D artist, I think it's incredibly important to stretch my creative legs as often as I possibly can. While I aim to produce more character models, I also really enjoy creating environment models and exploring the different ways lights can affect the appearance of models. 

This project is going to grow as my skills do. I plan to add more details and assets into this little scene, and make it feel like it has an actual presence in the world. I want to create a place *I* would visit.

So far, I've played around with Pixar's Renderman and am really liking the results so far. Moving forward, I will continue to explore how Renderman can be used to enhance this scene and plan to use Substance Painter, as well.