Magical Apothecary WIP #1

Work In Progress / 14 May 2020

This is a personal project I started a few weeks ago and have decided to start properly documenting. 

I originally started this project because I wanted to create some sort of magical apothecary environment that would allow me to play with details, shapes, and lighting. I also really just wanted to model an environment again haha. 

So far, I'm learning a ton, using resources like 3D Artist magazine, Google, and Youtube. I'm also getting lots of inspiration from Pinterest, so I've been adding references to my mood board as I come across them. 

Since I'm a few weeks into this project, I've got quite a bit to share.

This image features the most recent version of the model. I still have plenty to do when it comes to modeling, but when I'm working on personal projects, it's really hard for me to NOT play with textures. So I'm jumping back and forth as I get inspired by different things. I do have a good chunk of bottles I drew up some concepts for. My plan is to model those, perhaps make variations, and add them to the environment. I'd also like to add more books, vials, and other containers to make the space feel more lived/worked in.

This series of images shows my progress from the first day I started working on my apothecary. I had a vague idea of what I wanted my shop to look like so I was able to hit the ground running.

I originally started everything in Maya but used zBrush to created props with more organic shapes (i.e. the plant, the doorknob, bottles, and other containers). I think doing this will almost help follow the straight vs. curve technique we see in character design and animation. 

My plan for this week is to continue modeling more props and make adjustments to existing ones (the plant). 

Lastly, while I'm in love with the light fixture I put together, I'm worried it's too much for the space. I'm hoping that as I continue working on this environment, it will either fit better or I'll come up with a better solution. 

Feedback is welcome!

Thanks for reading!