THE FOUNDRY - Level Design

THE FOUNDRY - Level Design Video

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THE FOUNDRY - Entrance

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THE FOUNDRY - Environment Model Video

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THE FOUNDRY - Exterior (Roof)

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THE FOUNDRY - Cake Hero Asset

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THE FOUNDRY - Exterior

This level design is based on a real location called "The Foundry" in New York. I built each of the individual assets in Autodesk Maya, textured them—using Substance Painter— and imported them into Unreal Engine Environment. I learned how to create my own fire particles and utilized them for the candles, as I felt they were necessary when attempting to tie the entire environment together.

In addition to the chairs, tables, lights, stairs, etc. I created a cake as a hero asset. Because I was due to finish this student project (and my graduate school education) on my birthday, I decided that a cake model would be the perfect way to take this project to the next level.