Magical Apothecary: Sales Counter
Magical Apothecary: Sales Counter

I don't know about you, but I LOVE magic and magical-looking things. There's just always something so fun and charming about a space that is dedicated to magic spells and charms.

That said, I present to you, the centerpiece of a personal project I've been working on! This magical apothecary has seen many changes as I've learned different techniques as a modeler since starting it in 2020. My goals for this project were telling a story with a scene, dressing a scene to make it feel lived in and natural, and finishing a smaller environment.

I also aimed to make as many of my models as low poly as possible. This is something I wish I was more consistent with but it was a fantastic challenge. I've definitely learned a few things that will improve my workflow, moving forward.

I'm looking forward to sharing more pieces of the apothecary with you, but for now, here's the most important part!✨


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