I've noticed that my work was seriously lacking in male characters and figured it was time to change that!

So I got to researching and flipping through my movie art books for inspiration. That's when I found this alternate character design for Joe Gardner from Disney/Pixar's Soul! I loved this "Kareem Abul Jabbar type" design as soon as I saw it and love that Pixar Character Artist Ed Bell thought to pull from him as inspiration! He jumped out at me as someone who just knew jazz!

Of course, as with any other piece, I do have a few things I'd like to tweak and I fully plan to texture this handsome gentleman at some point...but I wanted to take a moment to share him! So far he's the first male model I've really pushed this far and I'm super happy with how he's looking 🤓

Turntable and videos to come!

More artwork